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How is DH longbow nowadays?


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As the title says, I'm curious if its any better than it was a few years ago. Its the major reason I'd want to play guardian for the high damage precision shots and control of knocking enemies in and out of places. Is the dps still really bad on it? Hard to tell just messing around on mine against random open world junk, but it seems to hit harder than 5 stack blade songs do which is kind of wild. Still trying to figure out what to main nowadays.

Also just curious, but why does my mesmer have more health than my guardian by a large margin when both have no vitality gear on.

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7 hours ago, Twilightmage.8309 said:

I thought wvw roaming and pvp were the only places it was good.

   Naru thinks that in ranked is the best guardian spec, and He plays it superbly in platinum games. But in a premade AT team core support Guardian offers a lot more value. In roaming is far from being the best, but well played has a solid performance. In both cases is carried hard by the trapper runes. 

   So, DH is a bit of a one trick pony in those game modes, but is not garbage. I would say that in WvW due the stats available the TB core burn Guardian and Celestial Firebrand at peak performance are a little better due their large marging for errors and the way they scale in small skirmishes. But in PvP trapper DH is better than core dps or any Firebrand build (FB has been so shaved in damage and sustain that without celestial stats is almost unplayable in PvP).

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