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For all the people spamming "ANet hates ele", here is proof.


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that's not really "anet hates ele", imo... that's just "the matchmaker sux". i've had that experience on any class i used to PvP with, years ago before i quit. i hated it when 1-2 people essentially AFK'd at spawn after the score became 150-100 because they though it wasn't worth playing to the end because they thought they'd already lost. talk about folks who act like they never playerd high school team sports.

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okay, you got me there. 


i actually feel that they hate ele, too. after they focus so much on the awkward melee / frontline specs for the class. it really feels like they only care about the 3 PvPer's in the top 100 sPvP when it comes to design decisions for the class. i know that's hyperbolic, but it's just feelings. i actually cherish the Vial of Salt i made in PvP. carried it on my revenant for years. no it holds a place in the bank.


thanks for the lightheartedness. i needed that. Bacon Deficiency Disorder sux. :P

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That sure if that proof better to just look at the last 7 ish years of updates for ele maybe a time line to make it easier to see.

But for sure anet hates the ele class. There action and choose even there way of defining the ele at times of why they are nerfing it is the proof.

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Jokes asides, I've already got huge chains of victories or defeats for no reason, even with elementalist.  (With the old mender sword weaver when actually elementalist rewarded efforts (with some OP skills too))

I've been plat3 once near legend, I swear I did 1v3 on points, lords alone on Foefire etc I was on fire.
But I started to fight real strong players (or should I say duoQ players in the night who focus you all the match)  then the MMR hit me really hard with 15-20 defeats in a week, boom gold3 ...

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