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what a mess pvp is this game


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56 minutes ago, nightcore.2789 said:


i cant even remember last time that i lost any game 90% of all is like u win 500 - 50 point
what is goin on in pvp in this game?
i normal love pvp in games but this has to be a meme ...

Don't worry, you just had few games, you losing streak will come as well as soon you will get matched with silver core eles, revs.


There are games i completely wander around the map doing almost nothing, never dying and winning 500-50. Other games I play perfectly, win even 1vs2, tryhard as heck and still lose 50-500.

The population never been this low, at gold 3 i get matched at least 4-5 times per day against Boyce while he is streaming, and he is on top 10 and duo quote often with Wing.

Not to mention those games are 50-500 for him... so yeah, stop caring and play for fun pr for the gold or whatever, to spend some time.


There is absolutely no reason to care about rating anymore. It's an elo fiesta.

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Some kind of system needs to balance the players in PVP, before it start. If someone goes off, the person should be kicked out and replaced with someone in the que.
 I think some classes are stronger and the new engi is too strong and I cannot see the reason anymore why the blackwater mesmer could not return to the game. 

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