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Which underused Weapon Skills, Traits, Utilities, Elite Skills do you want to see get some buff/tweaks in the upcoming update?

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Willbender - Physical skills are lacking compared to other utilities and compared to Warrior and Thief physical skills.

They have no traits to give extra potency to them and they are far from potent by default, hence most Willbenders seem to be running Meditations and Shouts for their builds, the same utilities since 2012.


Reversal of Fortune -  Should be a 1s duration block rather than a single attack block.


Heel Crack - Should be a 600 range dash with an evade component like Bull's Charge - the Warrior's skill is a 30s cooldown, but a 900 range evading 3s knockdown combo leap. And it has interactivity with 10 different traits.

Whirling Light - Needs to apply Cripple per hit also, most enemies simply walk out of the animation and only get hit once. (It also needs to be bug fixed to actually attack in a 240 radius, rather than only in front of the player).

Flash Combo - Make it instant or it will never see use over Judges Intervention. Repose should always be available.

Roiling Light - Needs to remove Immobilise, Cripple, Chill at minimum, otherwise people will just use Stand Your Ground for Stun break + 5x Stability & Resolution for yourself and 4 allies...   ///   Quick Retribution - After rolling backwards with Roiling Light, this skill never lands on a moving target - Make it a 600 range leap with a 1s evade.


Heaven's Palm - Make it a stun break and an evade during the slooooow 1.25s animation. (Everyone is still using Renewed Focus, the same elite since 2012).


Weapon skills: Off-hand Sword - Add burning.

Advancing Strike Remove the horrendous aftercast delay it currently has, your character sits and looks at the target for the entire duration of the immobilise, making it pointless.

Executioner's Calling add 3x Burning (3s) This melee range pure damage skill doesn't do enough right now

Guardian only has burning on one weapon by default (Torch), this is supposed to be because the Guardian can burn with any weapon every 5th hit.

But the Willbender loses the passive burning effect, so this bonus has been nullified and replaced by a 6 second window of burning on an 18s cooldown, so only 33% burning passive uptime, with an effect that doesn't have enough potency to justify the mechanic in real combat (not static target golems or dumb static PvE mobs).

Dragonhunter - Longbow has a 12s burn on Symbol of Energy

Firebrand - Axe has a 2x 2s burn on Searing Slash & a 3s burn on Blazing Edge.

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Hear me out, hear me out.

Rework Ele conjured weapons to work like Engineer kits, you just switch them on or off on the fly, BAMMMM, Ele best class in the universe all of a sudden, it would be like getting 5 Elite Specs at once.

The weapons could have a few small nerfs here and there sure, but still, no need for other changes, just a small change, and Ele is meta everywhere now, even on Final Fantasy and WoW!!!

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@Antycypator.9874 bruh the title is "what you wana rework on under used weaps/traits". Not how to death nerf warrs for no reason xD.


One specific change for warr. 

Give warriors weapons ubdated versions. Something like sword offhand. Let us cancel that block for more Adrenalin or simple let it be a flip skill so if you dont want to block you bleed you enemy. (That 3 adrenalin it allready gives ya is more than useless) 

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On 3/25/2022 at 9:57 PM, Brandon Uzumaki.1524 said:

Hear me out, hear me out.

Rework Ele conjured weapons to work like Engineer kits, you just switch them on or off on the fly, BAMMMM, Ele best class in the universe all of a sudden, it would be like getting 5 Elite Specs at once.

The weapons could have a few small nerfs here and there sure, but still, no need for other changes, just a small change, and Ele is meta everywhere now, even on Final Fantasy and WoW!!!

I have a more radical idea.
Delete Glyph of Renewal. Replace it with Glyph of Armament. Fuse together Fire greatsword and axe into one; toss all Conjures into that one Glyph; no more crap on the ground, 40s duration, 60s cooldown; while active, summoned weapon *replaces that elemental attunement's weapon set*, and stays even if you switch away and back.
Then feel free to design a whole new set of skills that actually work and make sense.

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Where to even begin on warrior...


Main hand mace, I'm not even sure the last time I even equipped main hand mace for an actual fight, or seen anyone else use one. It's slow and clunky, it's biggest thing skull crack is really hampered when you're not on core warrior, when on berserker it turns that into skull grinder which makes it a condi skill which the rest of the weapon is power...

Off hand sword again like main hand mace you don't really see it being used probably less than main hand mace now that I think about it.

Hammer got absolutely decimated in the CC nerf patch in competitive modes about all it can do now is remove boons in WvW on a spellbreaker because 3 of it's 6 skills (counting F1 burst) do no damage. Which it does an OK job of removing boons but only on spellbreaker for the rest of the warrior specs it's trash.

Rifle could use some love outside of meme flame berserker. The AA damage is sub par, brutal shot should dodge before shooting.

Warhorn is pretty bad. It is the ONLY weapon in the game that doesn't do anything to the enemy.  And now with the 5 man boons it only effects 5 people, and the boons it gives aren't even any of the more sought after ones you get swiftness and vigor. You only get low duration fury and resistance if you trait for it.

Pistol offhand... It's melee, and as melee it's so slow NPCs still have plenty of time to walk out of it's damage and never get hit by the explosions it's so easily avoided you'd think it was ranged.

Banners, I'm just going to touch on the trait skills, and DPS it brings together. I know they're going to be redoing them this summer so I'd like to talk about some of my concerns before then. I'm not sure what I want to see them changed into but I'm assuming we'll see them no longer have their unique buffs and instead be giving off boons. I'm fine with this and do agree that doing something like this would make it more realistic for all professions to get to play boon support. I would however like to point out one thing that will probably need addressed. Today warriors take the double standards trait even if they're not taking banners because that means someone is taking banners so they don't need to, and that gets me to my point that when the unique buffs go away warriors DPS for high end content will suffer worse than other professions because the banners give us more stats than other professions get from them.  We already have to take additional assassins stats equipment that other professions don't need so that we can hit the crit cap. With banners gone well have to take even more assassins equipment hurting our DPS more which we're already not even close to the top DPS wise.


I could talk more about traits and utilities for warrior but looking up I've already wrote a novel.

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Staff needs QoL updates. Its so sad when you cant hit your AA´s on someone that is simply walking 1 step left ; 1 step right; 1 step left.  The autoattacks will simply always miss your target.

Sceptre needs a damagebuff. Since 2020 Damagenerfs and 2021 Change to Element of Rage builds like Freshair are dogtier.

Revert The 2021 Change to Element of rage. Adding a +5% condidamage bonus on a Vitality to Precisiontrait is soooo disconected from the class.... and the lowering of the strikedamage from 10% -> 5% was a nerf to The Freshairbuild that i loved back in the day.



Chrono is nothing but a joke atm. Could use some love.


Warrior   Please buff Core/Spellbreaker

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Top row from chrono, middle row from Virt, all major grandmasters from virt to change the gameplay depending on choice. 

All utilities from chrono, Mirage and Virt, excepting one or two they're all useless. 

F3 and elite from Virt - just pure nonsense. 

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On 3/23/2022 at 12:05 PM, Tails.9372 said:

For the pistol / pistol weapon set in specific:

Make weapon skill 1 into a dual skill and for that move unload from 3 to one. This would remove redundancies in the weapon set and alleviate the burden offensive skills put on the utility options while also keeping the core gameplay intact.

As for weapon skill 3: add an engage (similar to Lotus Training) that also doubles as a small scale AoE.

^ from a pure gameplay point of view this would solve all issues the weapons set is currently suffering from, the rest is just adjusting numbers which, in terms of damage output in PvE, could also use an increase as it's currently way to low.

Ok wow surprised i never thought of making the auto just be unload honestly thats a pretty good idea even if its a minature version like 3-4 bullets per cast so long as it loops smoothly similarly to tainted bolts on harbinger It honestly could work out very nicely for thief. They would have to adjust the damage around the board but it would be a very nice change for play style and fun in general. 

They could honestly replace the 3 skill with something defensive too like gun guard or something where you parry with your pistols or just give an aoe that rains shadow bullets down from the sky idk there is a lot of wiggle room there.


For critical strikes:

Assassin's Fury:

The ICD should be removed and in addition to that the trait should also increase the power gained from might at the cost of reduced condition damage.

Idk abou this one the icd is probably fine the just make the might last a bit longer from 8s to 10s. Instead of going with increased power maybe consider increased critical damage per might stack. 1/2% per might stack.


Signets of Power:

Change the activation condition for the additional effects from "on kill" to "on crit", to accommodate for that also reduce the might gain from the additional Assassin's Signet passive down to one stack, the healing from the additional Signet of Malice passive down to 10% and the endurance gain from the additional Signet of Agility passive to 20% of what it currently is.

I agree on kill triggers are never fun when it counts and this should be changed. The malice passive would prob need a small icd even at 10% 


Deadly Aim:

As others have stated: just remove it and bring back Ricochet.

I agree this trait is trash and just should not exists there is 0 positive to it at all. No other traits in the entire game work the way deadly aim does and thus it is an outlier and should be removed. 

Ricochet makes all pistol attack bounce the main target takes 5% more damage from your pistol attacks targets hit by bounces take 5% less. 


Invigorating Precision:

After the recent changes this trait is now severely underperforming, at the very least the numbers should be doubled but the changes should preferably be reversed entirely.

idk about this one though its still pretty strong Anet is very funny about traits like this and has made comments on traits like them before. (Reaper's trait got culled too when it was first added for the same reason) They dont want traits that ideally allow you to just build full damage and have infinit self sustain especially if a single trait is mostly to blame for it. I sadly dont see them buffing this back to what it was.

Overall your ideas are very good tbh.

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3 hours ago, Zizekent.2398 said:

2 Pages and still no arms mention, literally the worst traitline in the game 💀


Wounding Precision: Your bleeds now also torment your foes, 1 stack of torment for 3s when you apply bleed to a target. Precision to Expertise conversion remains.
Unsuspecting Foe: you have a 50% increased critical hit chance versus CC'd foes. Striking a CC'd foe inflicts 1 stack of confusion for 4s.
Burst Precision: Your Burst attacks have 100% critical hit chance. This effect lingers for 1s per tier of adrenaline spent (behaves similar to Berserker's Power for flow). This secondary effect does not require hitting the target.


Defy Pain: When struck gain protection and resolution each for 4s, 15s ICD. The lesser Endure Pain and stunbreak are removed.
Last Stand: Stances last 1 second longer and have 20% reduced duration. Stances now pulse 1s of vigor and 1s of resistance per pulse. The lesser Balanced Stance proc is removed. (obviously no CD is needed anymore with these effects).
Cull the Weak: Remove the HP threshold, make it apply on a critical hit with a 15s ICD.
Armored Attack: Gain Precision and Power based on toughness.

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Weapon Skills: Greatsword, Longbow, Shield (shorter cooldowns), Harpoon gun
Utility Skills: "Fear Me!" shout skill, "Signet of Rage" signet skill
Traits: some traits of every traitline
Spellbreaker: Offhand dagger, all meditations skills, half of the traits, should bring some condition damage possibilities
Bladesworn: Pistol 4 (pull skill like scorpion wire would be nice), Gunsaber (stronger attacks and more ammunnition, but longer cooldowns), Dragonspike Mine skill, all master traits


Mechanics: Core virtues active effects (should be a bit stronger)
Weapon Skills: Hammer, "Chains of light" scepter skill
Utility Skills: all healing skills, all meditation skills
Traits: some traits of every traitline
Dragonhunter: whole traitline (willbender is the new big damage dealer now; dragonhunter need a new focus)
Firebrand: whole traitline (away from the clearly "must haves")


Mechanics: 5th core legend and a condition range weapon as basic weapon
Weapon Skills: "Coalescence of Ruin" hammer skill (could do more damage on move impared or disabled enemies)
Traits: "Pact of Pain" trait, whole retribution traitline, whole salvation traitline, downstate skill 3
Herald: whole traitline, shield
Renegade: upper traits


Mechanics: All pets
Weapon Skills: Greatsword skill 2 & 5, longbow skill 3, shortbow, sword skill 3
Utility Skills: "Troll Unguent" healing skill, all command skills, all signet skills, "Spike trap" trap skill, "Entangle" elite skill, "Strength of the Pack!" elite skill
Traits: whole markmanship traitline, parts of the wilderness survival traitline, whole nature magic traitline, whole beastmastery traitline
Druid: whole traitline (healing/self defense/condition damage options!), all glyphs, staff, avatar form (more tactical use for a longer duration, not only enter and spam buttons to heal)
Soulbeast: whole traitline (direkt damage/condition damage/defense; like berserker traitline; cc focus is for untamed)
Untamed: Whole rework (untamed pet = condition damage skills and improvement / untamed player = direct damage improvement and more at disabled enemies), cantrips effect the unleashed part (player OR pet) with different effects, unleash give new weapon skills for skill 4 and 5 instead of skill 1 as ambush for a better usability


Mechanics: "Orbital Strike" elite toolbelt skill, "Med Pack Drop" elite toolbelt skill
Activating kits cost endurance, Mortar Kit skill 2, Elixir Gun skills 2 and 4, Flamethrower skill 5, Tool Kit skill 2 and 3
Weapon Skills: shield skill 5
Utility Skills: elixir skills and gadget skills get shorter cooldowns, tower skills get more range, "Supply Crate" elite skill, "Elixir X" elite skill, downstate skill 3
Traits: some traits of explosives traitline (Aim-Assisted Rocket and Flashbang), whole firearms traitline, whole inventions traitline, some traits of alchemy traitline (invigorating speed, protection injection, iron blooded), whole tools traitline
Holosmith: Sword, Photon Wall skill, Hard Light Arena skill, "Flash Spark" toolbelt skill, "Prismatic Singularity" toolbelt skill, all master traits, "Thermal Release Valve" trait


Mechanics: Stolen skills should have 2 counts as basic (not for daredevil), 
Weapon Skills: Shortbow skills 2 and 5, sword skill 3 with pistol should give a option for stealth (leap or explosion finisher), Harpoon gun, Spear skills 4 and 5
Utility Skills: All healing skills, "Blinding Powder" skill (shorter cooldown), venom skills, downstate skills
Traits: "Even the Odds" trait, whole critical strikes traitline, all shadow arts master traits, "Rending Shade" trait, whole acrobatics traitline
Daredevil: Staff, "Excapiest's Fortitude" trait, "Impacting Disruption" trait, "Impairing Daggers" skill, "Impact Strike" elite skill
Deadeye: Whole rework (should be the strongest single target damage dealer in game)
Specter: Rework minor traits (too focused on scepter and stealth), "Amplified Siphoning" trait, "Shadestep" trait


Mechanics: Shroud skill 2 and 5 (more condition damage)
Weapon Skills: staff skill 2 and 3, axe skill 3, dagger skill 5, warhorn skill 4 should remove boons too
Utility Skills: some minions should do condition damage (bone fiend and flesh wurm), "Lich Form" elite skill (lower cooldown, more skills to drain lifepoints and life force)
Traits: "Spiteful Renewal" trait, "Dread" trait dont work with harbinger, "Spiteful Spirit" trait need buff, death magic traitline (all trait not supporting minions), "Banshee's Wail" trait, "Unhole Martyr" trait, "Transfusion" trait dont work with harbinger
Reaper: Shroud skills should get more life force generation options so it has a higher duration for more damage, whole traitline rework
Scourge: torch skill 5 should generate life force instead of 4, torch skill 4 should corrupt a boon on each enemy, whole punishment skills rework, "Herald of Sorrow" trait, "Feed from Corruption" trait (second effect)
Harbinger: Shroud skill 3 should do fear and not consume blight, Shroud skill 4 should not deal Torment, Pistol skill 2


Mechanics: New F5 skill "Elemental Renewal" to recharge weapon skills and set other attunements to cooldown OR new F5 skill "Conjure Weapon" to get the conjure weapon of the active element for a short duration (and elementalist get a new skill typ instead; meditation skills) -> only for core elementalist
Utility Skills: all arcane skills (should have an additional effect based on active element without extra traits), all cantrip skills (lower cooldowns), all conjure skills (shall be strong weapon bundles only for elementalist with fast cast time and low cooldown), "Signet of Water" skill, downstate skills
Traits: whole traitline reworks (only major traits), arcane traitline to improve the new F5 skill and attunement switching
Weaver: Remove stability from dual attacks, stance skill rework, whole traitline rework (new "weaver veil" trait for barrier and stability after dual attacks, remove "Elements of Rage" because weaver is not interested in being attuned in only one element)
Catalyst: "Elemental Epitome" trait rework (Get "Elemental Empowerment" buff every second while you are inside a Jade Sphere field or you do a blast finisher inside a combo field), all aura based traits change to traits that improve combo finisher effects, "Wind Slam" air weapon attack (super boring!), "Stonestrike" earth weapon attack (should deal bleeding), new elite skill

Utility Skills: "Mirror" healing skill, "Decoy" skill (lower cooldown), "Veil" skill (lower cooldown), "Illusion of Life" skill, "Mantra of Concentration" skill (could give alacrity too), "Signet of Humility" elite signet skill (Passive effect is too weak), downstate skill 3
Traits: "Rending Shatter" trait, "Furious Interruption" trait, "Vicious Expression" trait (too strong in comparison to the other grandmaster traits), whole chaos traitline, whole inspiration traitline 
Chronomancer: Whole well skills rework (easier buffs), "All's Well That Ends Well" trait additional grant quickness, "Flow of Time" trait give 2 seconds alacrity per shattered clone, "Lost Time" trait additional share alacrity to nearby allies. 
Mirage: Shatter skills should get a new mechanic (a shatter skill increase the cooldown of other shatter skills by 10 seconds but grant the effect from the "Infinite Horizon" trait" for one use for 30 seconds), whole traitline rework (buffs for mirage mirrors), "Mirage Advance" skill
Virtuoso: Dagger skill 3 should block projectiles (blocks are an imporant part of some virtuoso traits), "Psychic Force" skill, "Thousand Cuts" elite skill (boring!), "Bloodsong" trait (too strong)

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I play all professions except Guardian and Engineer. But Elementalist is the one I do have deep knowledge of (excluding catalyst). So will focus on it and leave feedback of others in more capable hands.


First of all: water skills need a HUGE damage increase across all core weapons and sword too.  This attunement shouldnt be a huge dps lost everytime you want some utility-heals. Also, why water/ice does so little freeze condition? In addition to that, a buff in trait. Something that increases damage or interacts with freezing. Water damage was not a joke in GW1, why should be in game 2.


Staff: in addition to water changes. Air 1 really need increased damage. Earth 1 needs minor cleave. Lava font and Meteor Shower (the scariest GW1 damage skill, which also stunned btw) are a joke after all these nerfs. They should really revert some of the buffs in pve/WvW, and give HUGE buffs to these in pvp. Using a staff in pvp would really risky to use even after all these buffs. You are a pure glass canon. But without them, you are only left with the glass part.


Off-hand dagger: be able to move while using earth 4 is a no-brainer. Not sure why is not a thing yet. Air 5 works a bit clunky, it rarely pushes moving enemies even if they are slowed. You need perfect positioning. It should apply the push much faster or earlier. The rest is fine. I like Earth 5 as high-risk high reward (like Meteor Shower should feel). Maybe it could have a slightly increase in damage.


Scepter, sword, warhorn, focus: these weapons are for the most part okey-ish. They could use some minor buffs (besides the water attunement i mentioned earlier), particularly scepter, but nothing major.


Utility: conjured weapons. Full rework, nothing I can add thats been said a hundred times in the ele sub forum about this topic.

Signet of water should give increase healing.

Make mist form freeze around targets at the end and/or start of it.

I feel like we should have an arcane Elite skill of some shape. In addition to that, all elite feel… no elite whatsoever.


Traits: arcane got over nerfed. It should be repurposed into some kind of “core elite specialization”. Probably every profession needs a trait repurposed with this in mind, but in elementalist is even more noticeable. After all, you usually want to trait two attunements, so arcane rarely has a place with Tempest/Weaver/Catalyst if not for the evade traits in pvp or the buff when changing attunement  make trait baseline might help).






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