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Anet's PvI (instanced endgame) profession balance philosophy

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From a PCGamer article: https://www.pcgamer.com/the-future-of-guild-wars-2-arenanet-announces-return-of-season-1-and-teases-next-expansion/




"...When balancing professions and their elite specializations to function in each mode, the key outcome we tune for is for each profession to have a way to contribute with strong value. Ideally, they have multiple builds that work," says Davis. "Speaking to PvE as an example, our core roles for endgame (instanced) party content are DPS, Quickness, Alacrity, and Healing. In this context, GW2's flexible and robust buildcraft allow for a lot of possibilities to, in many combinations, tick two of these boxes at the same time (or pick DPS twice and do more damage!). Generally speaking, a build that is a DPS/support hybrid does about 3/4s the damage of a pure DPS build. Each profession has hybrid and pure DPS builds available among their specializations that are all within close theoretical maximums of comparable builds across other professions for damage output.


"In the last year we've significantly expanded the array of professions and builds which have access to key boon support roles and intend to continue doing so with future updates. The end goal is that a player can play whatever profession they enjoy the most and consider their 'main' in any content, and that they'll have a specialization and build available on that profession that can fit a role needed by their group. When one specialization (or build) ticks too many boxes in a way where it stifles what is seen as broadly viable (or worse, creates an environment of peer pressure to play a profession you don't enjoy, just because it's seen as more optimal for the content), we have to get at the root of the problem causing that pressure, and make changes to keep it from constricting the overall metagame..."



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