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Ranger good for just generally everything?


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Depends on what you mean by 'everything' (and also by 'good')


Druid can do amazing 10 man support, but got nerfed a bit and has fallen short a bit since we lost 10 man might. Not bad, but druid might be dead if spirits are trash tier.


Soulbeast can do good condi and power dps- not amazing, not terrible, just good. OWP is also good in burst comps in pve.


In PvP, ranger is in a weird spot as far as I know. Core ranger is decent with a drake tail swipe build you can find around.


In WvW, power soulbeast is the best duelist because OWP is broken OP in WvW right now. If youre not playing soulbeast in WvW you're either a druid (who's likely suffering because druid does not function well in wvw) or a core ranger (who likely has had their pet die a lot because zergs are pet graveyards). 


In open world PvE, ranger works just as well as everything else. Decent damage, decent bulk, decent utility.

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imo no

druid got a nerf - his spirits are weak. the current mechanist gives a lot more to the group - aegis stab might fury barrier and ALAC


soulbeast - it's not bad but compared to other new classes such as viruosso it comes out very poorly.


unplayed (untamed) is bad at everything. you won't get into raids strike or fractals. you can run it in the open world and beat mobs.


looking at the changes that the catalyst has touched, I very much hope that the arena will do something about it and from Tuesday I will go untamed on fractals or strike

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4 hours ago, Cytoplasma.8216 said:

imo no

druid got a nerf - his spirits are weak. the current mechanist gives a lot more to the group - aegis stab might fury barrier and ALAC

Druid didn't get nerfed. Spirits are still good to bring.


Sure, mech can give alac, aegis, stab, and common boons, but mech can't do the mechanics needed for some raids (such as seekers on VG or skinny pushing on sama- with skinny especially you need an immob that lasts, core ranger has entangle, arguably the best immob skill in the game along with druid having glyph of the tides meaning skinny isn't getting out of the sama bubble if done well).


Just like how benchmarks do not show how well a class performs in the moment, boon numbers do not show how well a class performs in any specific fight, and druid still provides a lot for many fights. Plus, the raw healing stats on druid make it hard to take down as a healer without directly nerfing it.

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I wrote in my opinion

 my friends no longer want a druid in content pve. mechanics that a druid does may be made by other classes. it's just years we've been used to the druid who does them and that's it

. it turns out that repulsion or immobilization can be done by many classes. one soulbeast with one spirit is enough for a party - 5 Percent of damage. the rest of the spirits are totally redundant. protection? each healer has prot


might for five people?

do not get me wrong. it's just that the current spirits look bad with the skills and abilities of the new classes.

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I jumped back into GW after a few months break and when I played Soulbeast I was concerned that I'd struggle with LW4 or Icebrood Saga a little, but I've managed to tank most missions on my own with ease using Dire loadout.


Probably not the best for PvP or wvw but fine in Pve.

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I’m going to say no as well. Ranger can participate well in different situations, but can’t do everything.

In PvE, it has good power and Condi builds. There personal benchmarks are currently about average / below average, but still offer things like Spotter, OWP, Vulture Stance, Spirits, etc. They have generally good open world builds. Druid was *the* meta raid healer, but have since been nerfed due to target capping. Ranger also doesn’t have a boon role (Alac or quickness), but that’s subject to change with the spirit rework coming in the spring.

In PvP (not that experienced in the PvP scene) it does have some builds, like the base Ranger one, and other side-node stuff, but can’t really participate outside team fights (unless Untamed changed that and it can work now). 
In WvW, Rangers still a good roaming class, but doesn’t really have a place in zergs. The Immobeast build is a thing, but isn’t nearly as common/effective/wanted in like pug or large groups.

Ranger has specific areas it’s good in, but is straight up not present in others.

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