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Current PvP state must be discussed!


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Hello everyone,

It's been a while since EoD launched and ArenaNet hasn't announced anything decent regarding the state of sPvP - now that they published their plans for this year and it still doesn't contemplate sPvP I wish to ask if they really have any plans for the future of sPvP at all. I am an old player, I started playing back in 2012 some months after the game launched. Conquest has been ever present in sPvP, their so called "bread and butter" competitive mode. But after almost 10 years, it gets tiresome to play the very same old pvp mode. ArenaNet, in all honesty I do believe you understand how monotonous it is to have only one available mode at the competitive scenario. After ten years I think it's time you put some serious resources to make other  5 players pvp modes that are competitive, engaging and encourages players to use other kinds of builds. Conquest is already an old formula. You can put it aside, forget it for sometime and invest your power for the betterment of your pvp community, which by all accounts, is already too small compared to the rest of the game. I chose to believe that you will remain true to your core philosophies and will keep balacing your professions accordingly, and as you do so, please innovate the pvp scenario. It's been ten years of Conquest! Why didn't you keep upgrading Stronghold so it could reach the same level of competitiveness? Please ArenaNet, consider it at least. When Grouch returned to you in 2021 it gave me some hope that sPvP would finally receive the love it deserves. I'm waiting.

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