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Vindicator - skills flashing and not activating in WvW

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I have the same character that I am using to play vindicator both in WvW and PvE. In WvW, the past two days, I am getting random periods where one or more of my skills flashes and does not activate. Teleporting to a waypoint does not stop the flashing. The only way I can stop it is to use the skill later. I can get the skill off when out of combat.


I haven't been in a large squad, and we haven't been fighting blobs, so a player blob doesn't seem to be a problem. It is not happening in PvE.


Originally it was one utility skill flashing, then randomly two utility skills flashing, and later I also experienced a weapon skill flashing. 


If I am killed before I waypoint (and watch my skills flash and not activate just ahead of going into down state), those same skills are still flashing when I revive at a waypoint. In other words, it doesn't matter if I waypoint while alive or dead - a flashing skill will still be a flashing skill.


I have not tried going between maps. We didn't change maps very often and, the few times we did, I didn't have any skills flashing.

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Update: having run some other professions in WvW, this is only happening on my vindicator. I have not tried any of the other elite specs on engineer to see if it is a vindicator-and-scrapper-specific problem. I have only run vindicator still. 

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it wasn't just on vindicator.
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Same issue can confirm must be a bug. I am currently loading staff variatn healer into gear and traits and can no longer activate or use skills 6-10 and sometimes 1-5 also have lightning bolts through them or are just no there at all. As of right now my skill bar right is completely gone I can't even use the drop down to see the available skills that are supposed to be showing and usable. These needs to be addressed ASAP!!!

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