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New Player, Multiplayer Content / Meta and Commanders

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Playing for 2 Month now and consider myself still as new and inexperienced player. And this game is much more complex as it looks. I played all the story content and also some of the "Meta" and in general enjoy GW2 a lot and many aspects of the game.

And i also was one of  players joining the "Dragons End to hard, nerf it!" fraction. But i had to revise my view to this (already a while ago).

It is not that some Meta is too hard /mechanical complex. It is about commanders and what they do and can do. My 1st experience with Dragons End was real bad and i did not wanted to try it again. And the reason for this, i did it how I "learned" from other open world events i joined until then. And this works for the  most of them like the following. 

  • Join a group if there is a commander or just follow the train
  • Do what you think is OK and try not to die
  • Rinse and repeat

And commanders usually just give Waypoints for next event. 

What was an eye opener for me - I found a community (just 2 days after my "no more DE experience") - organizing Dragons End with experienced commanders and providing voice commanding via discord. Also starting early, explaining, creating sub groups etc. And suddenly this event was easy and a lot of fun. And i understood the mechanics of the event and what to do. Got it finished 1st try with those people. Meanwhile i found another community doing Tripple Trouble the same way. An the commanders there even prepare markers on the map for the Event. 

Dragons End / Tripple Trouble with those people are my favorite events meanwhile - and i know there is more of this available that i want to do.

This also gave me a new view to other events i join / participate and made me write this today. -  What do i want to say with this? Two things:


Dear Veterans / Commanders:

If you play this game for long time, knowing all aspects of the Meta, each mechanic and all the fastest ways on your preferred mount, please keep in mind that other players may be slower, may not have abilities you use for traveling (not having all mounts, not having all glider skills) and may have missed key mechanics that make the fight more easy and faster for the whole group. Give some advice / direction. A little more "Commander" (especially between the fights for i.e. meta trains or bounty trains) can IMHO highly improve the experience for all players. - And if you are one of the commanders already doing this (for now a rare experience for me), thank you.

If someone doing the wrong thing in your group - mostly because they don't know better - please don't expect that they realize chat messages during an intense fight, this is probably too late to give information about a key mechanic tobe aware of. 


Dear Arena.Net:

If i understood you right, a focus for EoD was to improve events by making key mechanics "unskippable / mandatory" - and i think this is a good idea. Uncoordinated zerging will not work out, good so far. However, this needs good coordination and commanding. And the best way for this is from my experience a commanders using voice communication (and one way, commander to team, is enough for this). 

And here comes the problem, this is not available in game and needs external platform to organize the event and providing platform for this. And you probably have to find the right people outside the game to meet later in game.


Cheers, just my 5 cent of oppinion

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First of all glad you're having fun and enjoying the game!  There are indeed some wonderful comms and guilds that run OW metals and give very detailed explanations and good instructions, many in chat as well as discord. 

I personally do not use discord, used chat in games for many years, and frankly I enjoy the quiet at the moment without having to use a site that is also a lot of social media.  I do not want to be required to listen to someone for open world events.  I like reading the instructions and have no issues following from there.  If I did raids, I would agree to discord...used vent back during WoW days to coordinate them, but I didn't mind typing it out for someone who had issues or unable to listen.  

The other big thing is that external voice chat sites offer a more consistent quality.  WoW had in game communication...the sound was dreadful, too many players across too many time zones and also reliant on the server.  Some games it's fine in,  but usually involves a proximity thing...like how close players are to you.  And yes I understand that some people don't like to read the side of their screen or glance at it, and in the middle of things it can be hard to see....could just set up a window to see only the chat from the comm.  

Not sure I follow about meeting people outside the game to make in game chat work for you, but then again I prefer to just drop in and out of maps or lfg to see what I can go poke a stick at, and not interested in a social group or even a guild that requires me to show up at a set time for an event.

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Those commanders usually have guilds. There are quite some guilds that focus on mostly open world content or in addition to instanced pve and organise great events. I would say try to join one and you will get much more info on when and how. Just whisper the comm you like.

As for ingame voice chat. Most games don't implement them and communities use external software for the reasons that those apps are usually just better, constantly updated, work cross games and cross platforms and add many additional functionalities. I have been using TS and lately discord for almost 2 decades and I never felt the need for ingame function. I also like that I have the same setup and functions for all games. And also I dont need to run the game to talk with people. You might find people you like to play with and you will play different games and wont need to think about voice chat.

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