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EOD : dragon's end => Sled defender / Jade maw achievement to hard

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I noticed when you do all 3 sled with a full squad pre event before defend this will absolutely go easy but the second part of the defend even we divided into 3 groups the mobs with orange swords above their heads are insanely hard to cc, and they spawn just to quickly. Every one has the cc from the workstation even if we dps it they are impossible to kill because of the fast spawn also


My solution maybe is decrease the cc bar on these enemy's or remove it entirely & also the spawn time delay , now the event will always fail because of this


Jade maw scales to heavily  also

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Sled Defender is virtually impossible to complete.  Even if fixed, unless 1 or 2 person can defend a sled, it'll be an event that everyone will soon ignore.


As for Jake Maw, it's not so much the scaling. It's just that many have no clue what to do , or take a few seconds to learn or listen to mapchat. Tentacles spawn numerous crystal, which quite a few can gather to charged up. But instead, too many sees a champ and focused on them. Why? They take a long time to kill and do hardly anything to advance the success of the event.

To prevent upscaling:  list on lfg, get a small group, de-list and then go to a map that's not heavily populated.

Or if doing on busy maps, keep emphasizing on mapchat for players to focus on Tentacles 1st and then mobs. Ignore champ! Of course, not everyone will listen but if enough does, it'll be successful.

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