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Futuristic Expansion Thinking

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This is 5 years in the making but what changes would you like to see in the next Expansion? Just so the DEVs get an early jump on what the community wants? 


Specs: Ritualist for Revenant on a Scepter and some type of Letting for Necromancer on a sword.


Love to see more of Ascalon opened up like in the original GW1 and a story line on the Ghost minions like we get in the Charr Homeland / Dungeon 1. I think some world bosses around them would be really cool and the story lines with the castles, decaying landscape would be pretty fun to witness again. 


New Races: Tengu (Obvious) and Dwarf. If you have it in your heart to look at Quaggan (Obvious master race) or Skritt for Memes, I'd approve. 


What do you want instilled in the games? I for one am bored of the dragons. Would think moving forward there isn't many left.

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I want to go to a part of the world we've never seen before. Which is pretty much guaranteed at this point because unless they set the next expansion in the parts of Cantha which were in GW1 and are not yet in GW2 (which seems very unlikely, maybe for season 6 but not another expansion) there's not enough space in places we already know about for a new expansion.

There's a lot of space to the east of Ascalon and Elona which we know nothing about, but there's also land to the north of Maguuma and I think there's another continent to the west somewhere. I don't mind which direction we go, the important thing is it's a part of the world which will be completely new to us. I really want to know what else is out there.

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No elite specs. We have had enough. Looking at all the negative posts, seems a lot of people are always dissapointed lol. For me i would love to see new weapons, races or professions instead. 


A complete new area in gw2 world. We have had cantha, elona, eotn. Im really curious what the devs will bring without precious source material. 

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