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Mechanic Change Request -Birthday Dye Kits not blocked after completing set

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I have had this happen a number of times over the years, and recently had it happen twice with different Birthday Dye Kits. In one instance I chose the Elonian Landscape Dye Kit from the Triumphant Dye Kit. It was not until I confirmed my selection and scrolled through the colors that I saw that I had already unlocked all of them. The last time I could have done that was a year ago. Are we expected to remember what dye kits we have completed? Why do the dye kits not display red lettering letting you know that this set is already unlocked? As of now the best practice is to look up each dye kit and compare the contents with your unlocked dyes in-game. 

Please input tracking for Dye kits prior to committing to their contents. 


This topic is posted for a mechanic change request, in regards to a GM's request to ask through the public forums.

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This would be nice, looking through the available dyes on the wiki and comparing to the unlocked dyes is a bother. I've made note of the sets I've completely unlocked already, so at least don't need to look at those again.

Dyes can be tossed in the mystic forge, so I hope you saved it for that slim chance to get something of use to unlock or sell.

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