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Cannot Play WvW with friends

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Is there a way to play with my friends in WvW? So far everyone that I have met cannot play with me because I am not on their server. This is kind of an issue for me because it locks me out of a part of the content. 


I don't really care which server I am on, or even if I get WvW rewards. I just want to play with my friends. 


I put in a support ticket and they seemed to dismiss me because it is a paid service. I can't even PAY to play with my friends because they are on a full server.


Can anyone help?



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Only way to play wvw with your friends is to be on the same server!
You can transfer at their server if it is open or they can transfer to your server if it is open!!Transfer to another server can be done with gems you can buy from TP.You can buy them with irl money or with ingame gold!!
Another way is both servers be linked together and play for two months until next relink!

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