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Siege turtle suggestions for more use

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Chests and Hidden areas
I spent quite a bit of time the other day going back to funny looking places like old rubble or random walls in Echovald with my siege turtle slamming in places hoping there was something hidden that wouldn't immediately show up as damageable.  For non-combat use maybe a fun way of giving more use to the siege turtle is giving it the roller beetle treatment? Make the fact that it can be damaged obscured somehow unless it's belly flopped at least once first. 

Solo siege turtle play
Is there a way to add some skill that lets you do a ground targeted ability.. that shows you a certain path whether it be a back and forth or circular motion for the turtles to just go into autopilot mode and follow that path for the duration or until dismount? Maybe even add the ability to swap?

Mount in Combat in Open World 

Only usable in open world and non-competitive pvp or pve modes obviously. I can see some instances where this might make particular activities far more trivial but perhaps there are ways to balance around that?

I'm guessing there are probably some technical limitations on the last two given that the player is transformed or however they handle that. And the mount in combat option is pretty iffy and probably a slippery slope from a game design perspective but maybe not?

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