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Best armor dye to match the mech


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This will depend on your armor skin how the dye looks on the material so it will be difficult to give you an answer. You might also be unlucky with your skin choice. It might simply not work well. 


Usually, all "gold" dyes look quite good and the newer ones are also "high-contrast" which I personally like on metall armor parts. However, I often find them to be too yellow. In that case browns with a yellow to orange or even greenish tint might work best. 


Also... graphic settings ans lighting will mane a difference...

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Since not all armor dye channels work the same in term of saturation, material texture i can only suggest you the dyes based on the CJ-1 Command Sleeves, this also applies to most (not all due to a few has different saturation) metal, glowing looking armors as well as fit perfectly if using with Jade Tech Weapons.

Metal parts (pick one of 4) : Gold Fusion, Matriarch Brass, Golden Sheen, Sarcophagus.

Glowing parts (pick one of 4) : Nightmare, Growth, Underworld, Canopy.

These are the go to dyes if i want to go Jade Tech theme.

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