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Bored of my main, looking for new alt in WvW

Legend of Rogue.5394

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I pretty much do Necro in PvE, PVP, WvW, regular life. Necro has been my entire experience and I always have felt it's in the best spot. I have every class pretty much maxed but I want to do something mainly for WVW. In WVW on my Necro I pretty much ran scourge and Harbinger. I roamed, I did Zergs, I have done it all. Lately I am feeling the want and need to transition into something that can Roam and do Zergs and I wouldnt mind doing a dualist class. What do you all think? Keep in mind I know Anet is going (heard that before) to fix WvW and focus on it later this year, I would hope some love is shown to these other classes. Really am curious about Vindicator (I hear its off with it's skills not meshing) and Willbender seems really fun (has identity issues). Not going to play Warrior again that ship has sailed for me, but what other dualist style classes do you all enjoy playing that can be a good fit for Zerg, Roam, and have good potential at getting buffed in the future? Also looking for a guild to get into on NA servers.


Thanks all

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