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Most interactive role/class in PvE?


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I have about 400 hours in the game, and up until now I have pretty much only played DPS PvE (strikes, fracs, etc). I am really finding this play style quite boring now and I want to start playing something that is more interactive with the team/environment rather than DPS, which at it's core to me feels like a single player game sometimes, with getting better at the role coming mostly from optimizing your own rotation. 


What are some of the more interactive roles/classes to play in PvE ? I guess I stress PvE because I'd imagine in PvP really any role is going to be quite interactive.

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Probably firebrand.  However, don't expect too much from GW2's healing/support roles in terms of interactivity because the UI doesn't allow you to target individuals for healing, boons, etc.  It's all just area effects.  It's pretty similar to a DPS role where you're performing rotations based upon what is needed with situational use of certain skills.

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