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Bug: Codex of dragon's weapons

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Completed the EoD story thinking everything was good. Came to find out i didnt receive loot from the last story. Thinking back on it, i do believe i got a blank rewards screen like you get when you repeat a story, but didnt really think anything of it. Found out today we should have gotten a codex of dragon's weapons chest but i verified with GW2 wiki that i did not unlock any of the recipes and with GW2 efficiency that i didnt have the chest hidden somewhere.


I then proceeded to contact support who claimed i did not finish the last chapter, until i gave them screen shots to prove otherwise. So apparently the gw2 system thinks i havent completed the story while my story progress shows that i have. Support immediately stopped helping at this point and directed me to this forum (which i think is an odd place to lodge a complaint about items not delivered?)

Here is the link to the ticket. 



Any help on this matter would be much appreciated.

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