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[NA] [PvE] [LFG] LF Smaller non-pc guild.


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Hello,I'm extremely experienced in a lot of MMO's (1200+ days in WoW, 120+ in RIFT, 30+ in WildStar, 30+ in FFXIV, etc etc). I haven't really done a ton in GW2 from a PvE standpoint other than a few pulls on a boss with my chronomancer.

I have two 60's atm (engi + mesmer), not really sure what I'm wanting to invest time in from a PvE perspective quite yet.

I'm looking for a non-politically correct environment where no one takes offense and offensive humour is commonplace. That being said, I'm not down for a legit hateful/racist environment. I'm only a fan of environments where we hate everyone equally.

Really looking to try my hand at fractals and such, but currently just messing around learning the gw2 specific nuances.

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