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I read over on the Wiki pages that to experience all the different options of the personal story that you need to take 30 characters all the way through to the end of Chapter II. I'm rather the curious sort and enjoy doing things like this so was wondering if there is a guide somewhere that tells you how to accomplish this task? I've tried to google this and came up with nothing useful. Granted, I won't be keeping all 30 characters so a majority of them will be deleted upon reaching the end of Chapter II.

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theres no hidden paths or anything-firstly-lv10 and 20 story is decided by options you pick when creating your characterlv30 by race.lv40 - 60 by the order you join after lv30lv70-80 is by choices withinitself, unaffected by any other factors

so - You need 5 characters of all the races, x3 (15 characters total) for the lv30 parts, as each race you get a choice between 2 options in each of the story sections (which don't impact each other - ie if you choose choice A at one point you still have the same choices next time as if you'd have picked choice B), and in the final part of lv30 you have a choice between the 3 orders with different story for each race, so 3 characters per race for all of lv30.

lv 40-60 again broadly gives you two choices each time, so you only need 6 characters to do all of the order related story paths (2 for each order) - the only thing that gives you a choice of 3 will be the lv50 part, but i personally can't tell you how many characters you need for lv50 since i don't know what determines the choices here.

lv70-80 can be fully experienced with 6 characters, as you get to chose between 3 options at two points in this part, each with their own further 2 options following them.

And the most complicated part: lv10 and 20 story.This is determined, in part, by race. For example - you can do all sylvari lv10 and 20 with only 6 characters. Asura by contrast have something like 5 possible lv10 stories (don't quote me on that) so you need at least 10 characters for that. (sidenote: im doubling the number because at each stage of even the individual sections you have a choice between 2 options - though you achieve the same goal you go about it differently and im assuming you want to experience both choices for each possible story.)

I can't remember the exact stats for every single race, but in character creation you generally have 2 major choices and one minor related to your race, giving an example of sylvari as it's the one im most familiar with:sylvari's first choice will be one of three visions they saw in the dream. the stag, moon, or green warrior. each of these 3 will give a different lv10 story.sylvari second choice will be which of ventari's teachings they value the most. 3 options here, and again all 3 have a different lv20 story.sylvari third choice is the cycle they awakened in - this only impacts which npc you seek counsel from at some point.

All races character creation is structured in this manor, with the third choice usually only affecting one npc that talks to you, though exactly which npc here largely doesn't matter as their dialogue will be similar, if not exaclty the same as if you'd picked a different npc choice.

Off the top of my head, charr have 3 lv10 and 4 lv 20 stories (depends on legion for lv10, father for lv20) and a choice of one of...5? minor npcs.Humans have 3 lv10 and 3 lv20 stories (economic background, biggest regret) and something like 6 minor npcs.Can't remember the other races options, but generally just double the amount of first or second choices (whichever is higher) you see in character creation and that's how many of that race you need to experience every possible peice of story - or just keep the number the same if you don't feel like exploring every single avenue (-gestures to sidenote-).

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