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Hammer changes are great, but what about Jade Sphere (F5)

Lonewolf Kai.3682

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got a few ideas on things they can do to fix catalyst
first off, spheres now follow the elementalist. placing fields down and seeing the action move away from them is always annoying.
second, energy needs to be addressed. either A) it gets removed and spheres now have a shared ammo count across attunements; or B) energy being repurposed to use new F1-F4 skills for the sphere making the sphere have a more active combat presence like scourge shades have. for example while in fire attunement you can press f1 (normally to swap to fire attunement) to have the sphere shoot out a fireball or flamejet.  also in regards to energy, please remove the "lose all energy when downed" issue. it's way to punishing.

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There is not only the jade sphere, but  the traits too.

Sphere specialist + spectacular sphere, yeah okai ... but you only share 2 boons ... every 15sec ? It's useless outside pve.
Add "jade sphere CD reduction" "Range increase"  "Earn concentration inside the jade sphere" "double effect of combos" etc.

Also; Elemental empowerement is lazy concept + you need tempest(s) arround to trigger the last grandmaster trait. Empowering Auras and Hardened auras should be shared with allies you grant auras to (50% effectiveness or duration to other class than elementalist if drawback needed)

Same with augments. Why not share some effect to allies inside range of jade sphere, like stances on Soulbeast ?

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I think at a minimal they should do something about the energy cost. It feels fine on hammer but on scepter it's really feast or famine and I assume it's whatever unique rotation of abilities I did. 

But ideally they'd also at least increase the radius and give the elementalist the copy of the boons whether they're near the sphere or not. (And rework some of the augments to be more enticing or have more synergy with the spec.) Having to be near the sphere to gain the boon on the elite skill makes it feel like less of an elite skill. The heal augment feels a little weak to me. 

The complexity of the energy cost, quickness only coming from air, and the fact that it's a small stationary well with a cooldown and a relatively short duration in average gameplay it takes the core mechanic of catalyst and makes it less appealing and it isn't the most interactive design. 

I've had fun with it but it's sad because I realize the ONLY reasons I've had so much fun are because I've just been learning more about abilities I could do as a core ele or weapons I haven't used in pve much, quickness which makes elementalist feel much better overall to me (but even then I'm running celerity and rage so the well doesn't matter as much), the more consistent source of stab though I feel like it should stack and I don't think it does, and the real reason a catalyst is able to sustain at all is mostly because of the trait that grants aura on combos. 

So, there are some nice additions but two of my favorite that made me enjoy this spec on anything other than hammer is because of two traits, not really the jade sphere which.. is just free damage, a boon, and a combo field for me to proc the traits. 

I think it has a solid path forward and doesn't need a major rework and I'm sure it will have its uses even if it's mostly just a golem smasher. I think it could still use improvement though, on more than damage modifiers to one weapon and the reworking of a mechanic that, frankly, feels too strong to be baked into a weapon to begin with. The bonuses you get are near permanent and they're on par or better than what you get during the short duration weaver elite. 

Maybe instead of reworking hammer 3 that concept should have been baked into the jade sphere with new skill 3's that make hammer a bit more engaging without making them mandatory upkeep skills. (Like herald's facet skills but on a weapon instead of as a utility skill as they currently seem to be now.)

Regardless of the changes to hammer 3, I think having that mechanic attached to hammer 3 in the first place might be creating more balancing issues than it's worth.

Frankly, with this rework, it feels like it would have made more sense to just bake into an effect that triggers as soon as you attunement swap. I mean, is forcing the player to instant cast weapon skill 3 for a buff really that rewarding. I guess it's somewhat immersive, like the various elemental shields on the shamans in wow - but that game has like 20 other skills you have to keep up, it lasts an hour, and in guild wars you have 5 weapon skills, 5 utilities, and attunement management on the lowest armor lowest health profession in the game. 

Every weapon skill counts on an ele and has its unique use-cases that sometimes make all the difference during a fight. With hammer 3 implementing this buff we're really losing value on the weapon and the spec.

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6 hours ago, Bast.7253 said:

I think at a minimal they should do something about the energy cost

Such as, maybe, I dunno, deleting it?

Yeah. Delete energy. The spheres last an age now, and cooldown for an age, too, and you can't gain energy while they're up. Energy now only makes catalyst not Do Their Thing for the first few seconds of a fight. And it just exists there as a single pixel bar.

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Spheres should if anything have an ammo mechanic, either per attunement or overall but just remove the energy it's useless and the longer the cooldown of spheres the more useless it is....

with the ammo mechanic we wouldn't have to deal with the silly cooldown, just tweak the ammo recharge duration

and with the sphere being so long cooldown persisting flames is impossible to upkeep...just shows as many said if you're worried about quickalist being too strong dmg wise, just put quickness in the spectacular sphere trait...

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