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Blue and Yellow Canister Dyes not grouped together in the Dye panel

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This has been a pet peeve of mine ever since the Blue and Yellow Canister Dyes have been introduced. Unlike the Red and Green Canister Dyes the blue and yellow ones aren't grouped together in the Dye panel. For the yellow set is especially eggregious cause the 4 dyes show up all over the place (one among the Mad King dyes, one among the Metallurgic Dyes, one among the Lion's Arch Survivors dyes and one among the Mordremoth dyes).

For reference the blue dyes are: Vista, Alpine, Kyanite and Blue Lion

The yellow dyes are: Straw, Pineapple, Seraphim and Yellow Lion


I would be delighted if someone could look into this 🙂

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