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Mace 2 has been bugged for...what, 5 years now?


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The visual bug on Mace 2 has been there for literaly half a decade and I can't believe nothing has been done to adress this. I know it's "just" a visual bug. But it's your #2 skill. The one you're gonna be spamming 90% of the time in your rotation. I just can't stand that this has gone unfixed for so long. It legitimately makes me feel like none of the devs play rev at all. 


I know rev has more pressing matters like the skills just dancing around your utility bar whenever they feel like it, but this bug just makes the skill ugly to look at.

For those unaware, Mace 2 will cause an off-centered, inverted Coalescence of Ruin visual effect to be displayed on the skill as well for some reason. This has been happening roughly since PoF came out. That was 5 years ago. I'm begging you Anet please.

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If you wanna be picky about little things, tell that to the Elementalist's Scepter 2 in water's tempo oversight that's been what, 5 years now? XD

(since people are confused: the animation was speeded up but the sound effect wasn't)

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