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Friend's Account Blocked

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A friend of mine wants to return to the game but his account is "blocked for security purposes." He sent an anon ticket (support@guildwars2.com) 3 weeks ago to re-activate his account. The support answered with a confirmation mail and an additional mail 3 hours after the submission asking for more information, to which he has replied. No progress has been made since then.  He also sent an e-mail (support@arena.net) 3 days ago, after the anon tickets where disabled, and got no response.

His question is if this amount of time is normal to get his account back.

Any help is appreciated.

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No one here can answer that.   Some tickets take more time than others the usual goal is 72 hours or less but it could take longer.  Your friend will have to wait for a response and also check their spam mail folder in the event the response from support went there.

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