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Fishing minor qol request


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One minor thing I noticed about fishing is that the celebration after every catch can get a little annoying after awhile. Sometimes you just want to cast your line back in the water but you have to wait a couple seconds to finish the animation before the skill switches back over again. 

Is there a way to improve this so people can just recast and go about their business without gleefully cheering about every catch? 

Maybe save it for the rarity of the catch? Like rare/exotic and up. 

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Stowing it lets you leave faster. Thing is if you do this your casting skill will be on 3 seconds cd once you take your fishing rod out as if it had been interrupted, so it defeats the purpose. Either way you have to wait 3 - 5 seconds between each fishing action, and it sucks, because in the end fishing holes are where you get the actual good catches and they are limited to 3 times before you gotta run around searching for more (scarcing way too much in my opinion even in huge lakes or the coast).

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