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Leaked! Anet meeting notes re mount names


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3 years before Path of Fire, mounts meeting.

Manager [name redacted]: okay, we have five base mounts coming out with Path of Fire. We need names for the mounts so that the database developers can create the necessary table entries. Let's brainstorm the mount names.

Staff: what has the art department created?

Manager: a dinosaur that [checks notes] makes huge jumps across terrain. A bunny that does tall leaps, but that one has a skill that needs to be prepped before it can do extra tall leaps. A ray that floats on the water. A wolf-thing that moves through something called [air quotes] sand portals [air quotes]. And a weird bird-thing with four legs and an actual tail.

Staff: Hmm.. can't we just call the first mount a dino?

Manager: No, that's unoriginal. Also, no Barney. If anyone colours that mount purple, it's on them.

Staff: we like the name "pocket raptor" from Heart of Thorns. How about "raptor", we'll just leave the "pocket" bit off.

Manager: great idea [makes note]. What about the bunny?

Staff: What is the point of it?

Manager: Well, the player sits on the back of the bunny. When they have a mastery, they hold down a skill. Depending on how long that skill is held, the bunny jumps up a lower or higher height.

Staff: hmmm... so the button is acting like it is compressing a spring? How about "springer".

Manager: Great idea! [makes note]. Now we're up to the ray.

Staff: How about ray?

Manager: Too obvious.

Staff: Manta-ray?

Manager: [audible sigh]

Staff: Tell us exactly what this does.

Manager: It hovers above the water as the player rides it.

Staff: It skims?

Manager: I think I know where this is going...

Staff: Skimmer.

Manager: [audible sigh] [makes note] Now we come to the wolf.

Staff: What does the wolf look like?

Manager: [displays art]

Staff: That doesn't look like a wolf to us. It looks like a jackal.

Manager: So we should call it...

Staff: A jackal. Definitely a jackal.

Manager: [makes note] Now the last mount is this bird-thing.

Staff: Looks a bit weird. You're right, birds don't have four feet and a tail. Are you sure that we can't just change it to a bird and call it a birb?

Manager: No.

Staff: Looks a bit like a griffon. But griffons have the head of an eagle. Doesn't look like any eagle head we've seen. There are eagles in the game, their heads are longer and narrower.

Manager: Pedants.

Staff: Ignoring that insult, how about griffon?

Manager: Fine, griffon [makes notes] There will be a further meeting in a couple of months to decide the names of the mounts that will be released with the Living Story episodes for Path of Fire. 



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