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Elite minor trait idea


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Please give us the option to deselect the first minor trait in each elite specialization tree.

For context this would give us the option to play an elite specialization without it's mechanic.

There's a brief moment in time when you can experience this while training an elite spec, right after the first 30 mastery points.

During this time I had a lot of fun playing things like sword weaver without dual weaving attunements and deadeye with a 1200 teleport on steal long time ago, and now I remembered it with gun bladesworn WITH BURSTS. I'm sure a lot of people would have fun playing things like death shroud scourge or mace mechanist with toolbelt skills.

Especs get a lot of power from their mechanics, so I can't see this possibly causing balance problems.

I know there's a big balance patch coming with (hopefully) some reworks and not only number buffs changes in the next 6 months, so please consider this possibility.

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