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Saving Skyscales achievement bug

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I have just gone through all the steps mentioned in the wiki guide on "Saving Skyscale" and I have all sub-achievements marked as complete on their respective sub-achievement page. However, the reward of "Skyscale of Fire" did not trigger where, despite of it showing a 5/5 on its page, it did not trigger the "Skyscale of Fire" service thus leaving my "Saving Skyscale" achievement a 12/14 and unable to continue by talking to Gorrik. Is there anything that I can do? 

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Problem solved. Got a mail-in replacement of the sub-achievement reward after I submitted a ticket on the website redirected by the launcher. It seems that submitting the ticket via the website is more effective than doing so with the in-game box, as they replied me on the web ticket instead of the in-game ticket.


Quick note: I failed to receive the replacement at first and asked GM whether it is a result of my untouched mailbox. Indeed it was the case and as I squeezed item slot on subs and pull out free stuffs from black lion trading company one by one, I reached the Skyscale of Fire egg and my achievement is finally unlocked. As a player who never quite figured out inventory management for ten years, who took break from the game for more than a few times because of the despair of being encumbered, I honestly didn't dare touching the mailbox like since the dawn of time.


Thanks for the quick response even during Sunday, and I might crawl through the time-gated part slightly faster, though I haven't fetch all the map currencies yet.

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