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Returning Player - where do I begin!?

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Hi all, 

I'm returning after not playing for around 5 years! I feel like i'm baffled as to where to begin? Has anyone some good tips or tricks to get going again?

Im playing on Far Shiverpeaks (EU) and i'm fresh rolling a Guardian to try and get to grips with the game again. 


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Many things:

- story line. Pick a character(this includes new one) and do story. Or finish story that you have started long time ago.

- Return to "insert living season" achivements. Even if you finished one of living seasons you can "redo" it for extra perks.

- Mounts. Did you finish Path of Fire, but you don't have griphon mount? Go get it. You'll get a new mount and while doing it, relearn stuff.

- Map completition. Explore, travel around, revisit old places and relearn stuff.


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Welcome back!

The best thing to do is exactly what you're doing - make a new character and play from the start almost as if it's your first time. Keep your old character/s because when you're feeling ready you can switch back to them, but at first I think having fewer skills, items, options for what to do etc. is helpful.

If there's anything you're not sure about you can ask in-game or check the Wiki, which has a lot of good info.

As for what to do once you're up to speed and ready for something more that can be whatever you want, whatever you were thinking of doing when you decided to play GW2 again. This game has a lot of options but very little you have to do to progress, so you can focus on whichever areas of the game interest you most.

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If you didn't finish the Pact Commander Central Tyria Mastery track before you left, make sure you are set to train that one when you get on one of your level 80 characters, or after you max the new guardian.  Autoloot from the Advanced Logistics level is AMAZING.  Doesn't work on everything, but does on 99% of the game. 

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Hey man that sounds pretty cool, maybe check out like a different profession or something. But yeah I also checked out the guardian so you're not alone there. Mabey look at guardian profession reviews to learn more about it or check out guardian lore if you're interested in gaining more handle on the profession. 

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