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Disconnection - Darkrime Delves

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Are you aware that there is a bug with the return achievement when trying to complete "return to the darkrime delves"? 

Two times now, teh game has lost its connection when finishing the story and without giving me the achievement while I killed Almorra?


Thank you for fixing it.

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This is the age old "disconnect in the cutscene" bug. It isn't specific to the Darkrime Delves instance.

There have been numerous posts on it over the years. The following thread starts in 2017 and although repeatedly merged now contains 833 posts, most from people reporting the same issue.!


Some people are affected by it, others aren't. Anet don't seem capable of working out why this is happening.

Going forward, if there is one thing that will cause negative reviews on Steam and if fixed would be a massive quality of life improvement for a lot of players, fixing why this happens would be it.

I regularly play with a guildmate. We had this issue twice in one night at the same point as you. Disconnect during cutscene has been a problem for them for a number of years. There is no pattern to when it is likely to happen.

One of the suggestions within the numerous threads on this issue, is to clear the GW2 Cache. For my Guildmate, it usually does the trick. In the case of their two crashes at exactly the same place as you encountered, the following night, they had no problem at all.

I never get disconnects, other than when they get removed from the instance and I then get the "the instance owner has left you will be retutned to...." message. It even happens when I'm the instance owner. I can remain connected and my guildmate disappears during the cutscenes. Again, it can be pot luck as to when this happens.

Good luck on finding a solution.


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