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Ebonhawke crossbow sound fx bug on specter dual wield skills

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The dual wield skills "Measured shot",  "Shadow shot", "Unload" all use the standard pistol sound effects when wielding the crossbow(Unload is only impacted if the crossbow is in the off hand). Skills 4 and 5 "Head shot" and "Black powder" have the distinctive "click" sound of the crossbow firing a bolt. This also impacts other dual wield skills where the pistol is not the primary weapon. If the pistol is held in the main hand it is NOT impacted by this issue. IE repeater works like a champ (and sounds pretty insane too). 


Side note pistol whip is not impacted by this as there is no actual shot involved. 


This is by no means game changing or anything but does seem like an unintended bug / oversight. I am assuming the code was written to handle all explicit pistol skills but dual wield skills likely falls outside of the code logic if I had to wager a guess. Should in theory be a straight forward bug fix assuming the object properties are exposed to where you can see what the offhand is holding in a dual wield scenario.

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