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Turtle Gunner Keybinds Feedback and Request

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I am thoroughly enjoying End of Dragons and the siege turtle, but the way the gunner controls have been implemented needs tweaking IMO, as far as I can tell, Overdrive being bound to the 5 key instead of a mount skill key breaks cohesion with the other mounts and Hunker Down doesn't appear to have a keybind at all, I think both of these skills should be moved to the mount ability keys. Also, you should be able to dismount from the gunner seat using the turtle keybind, so that you are only using one key to mount/dismount the turtle, and also not doing this also breaks the radial menu add-on, which I am aware that Anet has no obligation to support but also is something that a lot of the community uses...
My personal use case for these changes are niche, as I am trying to create a steam input controller profile for gw2 in preparation for the steam deck (and I also just prefer playing games on a controller), however I think these changes would make the gunner seat of the turtle feel more cohesive with the other mounts as it also just feels a bit out of place at the moment.
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