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Maybe there is a real deep sea monster, just not Soo Won?


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The ocean Depths are one of the two major locations I really want to visit after End of Dragons.
The other being the Skritt homelands deep underground.

These two locations hold so much potential for me.

Finding out what this real horror in the deep really is makes me very excited and i've always been a strong advocate for underwater content in Gw2.
Plus the idea of a submarine mastery sounds really fun.

As for the Skritt homelands, well i've always wanted to see the depths of Tyria in Gw2, it's a location we really got screwed out of with Primordus going out the way he did.
The Skritt themselves have always been an interesting species and we've known about their hive intelligence for a long time.

I would be very interested to see what kind of potentially advanced civilization the Skrtt had created before they were all driven to the surface and became the scavengers we know them as.

It would also be pretty funny to discover some kind of beautiful lost city deep underground with signs of advanced technology once existing there and then learning that the people who built it were the Skritt.

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I meant to make a topic about this (but completely forgot) after finding Ela Makkay in New Kaineng. She's had exactly the same thought, that all the trouble in the deeps started when Soo-Won left, which implies that before that she was holding back something else which is more dangerous than the lagos, the krait or the karka.

It sounds odd to say it, but I hope we find out what that is one day. I'd like to know more about what's out in the deep ocean, maybe even get to go there.

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