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Healbrand Gear Selection.


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It depends if you're going to do raids, as some bosses there aggro on highest toughness in squad, so with Minstrel you'd get tank role for "free" 😉

I personally love Celestial gear, as I can do a bit of damage on top of providing support, a bit like in this build http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?PWwAc+ZlRw6YPsEGJW0SvPbA-zxIY1oj%2FMSQKEiKwjHERmJ2DWTA2sA-e
from: https://snowcrows.com/builds/guardian/firebrand/heal-firebrand

tl;dr - if you're going for a healer/support role and don't want to tank in raids -> Full Harriers

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added link to SC build
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When I first started using HB I used Harriers and it's still pretty good. The newer you are the more reliable it is to run a full set of harriers imo. As a beginner your personal survivability is less of an issue, and what I see a lot of new healbrands struggle with is boon upkeep and actually healing when they need to.

I keep a full set of harriers for outside of fractals (and cele on another character), and a hybrid that maximizes my healing more for inside of fractals since I pug all the time. I focus on making it as hard as possible for pugs to die no matter what utilities I bring, while also holding on to Axe as much as I can over having to use mace.

I have a set of minstrels but I don't really think I've ever equipped all of it before.

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Harrier works fine, and sticking a Tier 10 Jade Core on your character will give you a little more breathing room on your health.


I personally like Minstrel's because you get substantially more personal survivability *and healing output,* though (both from having the highest possible base Healing Power and from a few extra +% points of Force of Will). If you're playing full "carrybrand" the last thing you want to do is die to botched mechanics yourself.

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