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Looking for roaming build suggestion in wvw


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You can use trailblazer but your build is kinda incoherent. 

I would probably make some changes to it like taking plague sending instead of insidious disruption in curses, idk why people use it tbh its literally irrelevant damage and not even a cover condi, plague sending is your friend specially when you haven't taken speed of shadows. Also use dagger offhand instead of focus on condi builds, good for cleanse and weakness. Also replace mischief sigil with energy on staff.

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On 3/27/2022 at 5:25 PM, Rider.6024 said:


Is this worth trying? I know trailblazer isnt everyones favorite....

How are you playing. Zerg, small group, solo roamer? Each role requires different builds, frankly. For instance, a solo Scourge is easy pickings for, well, just about anything. I roam with a Necro core build and have done fine (though with recent changes - not sure. Haven't really played much WvW or GW2 in general in a few months. Just did the EoD story and that's about the level of my activity).

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