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The End of the Celestial Ministry -> A Blooming Errand -> Bring foul-smelling underwater plants to Lunt ~ Still bugged and stalled

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Been visiting this npc for a couple of days now and this is getting exceedingly ridiculous.
Not only have you have to fail his event to get the plants required for the collection achievement, i havent even seen the event once cause he is just standing there stuck with a bomb in his hands.
Another bug listed even by the official wiki of the game: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Bring_foul-smelling_underwater_plants_to_Lunt

It will be one hell of an experience to read the steam reviews for gw2 once the community finds out that there are like 2 ppl fixing issues for the game, and the wiki is a collection of 2+ year old bugs, casually listing them as footnotes like it aint anyone's business. Seriously, what the hell?

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