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Hi Community and Gw team :) so im getting right to it, i am in an RP guild, and i had a thought yesterday, is it possible to make some kind of macros in the game for social purpose, fx: when you are doing content with your guildies, fx hearts, to make a social reaction to the npc when you interact with it, like when you are done with a heart, an example could be : "/salute /say: Jobs done sir. hope this helps you in the war effort. " and of course also when you interact with other players. with the commands currently available of course :) it's an idea, but i would like some response on it, from players. and if it is possitive ,i hope the Gw team see it as a function to make in the game :) 

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You can set up this fairly easy with a certain hotkey macro app but forum mods usually smack down hard on there mere mention of its existance so I guess this post wont stay long no matter how innocent its use is. I dont see Anet doing anything similar any soon so dont RP holding your breath.

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