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The #6 functionality that says get 7% toughness... when you do not have an active pet (meaning when you go into BM) does not work.

Ambidexterity sometimes work, sometimes doesn't.

In the video it works, but now it affects both sets. Enter the map again you won't get the 125 condition damage. The reduced cd works tho.

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This still appears to be unfixed as of 9/27/2020. Beastmode does not reapply the other attribute based on implication in rune. If you reset your gear in some way like change rune and change back to Soulbeast while the condition dmg bonus ought to be active, it sets it to that. In pve, unequip re-equip gear slotted with rune. Getting on Mounts also sets it to the toughness-boosting state, which then persists upon dismounting. The rune does not function for the primary reason to equip it, unfortunately.

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