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Does a loot table of exotic weapon that can drop from Raid only from a select few?

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Idk how to word the title better as english is not my native language, but i've been raiding since 2016 and have completed all legendary armor sets, but the exotic weapon that drops from raid is always the same weapon over and over, from this link https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Exotic_Hunter for example, the only drop that i always see are: truth, cobalt, mecha anchor, stardust, shiverstone, phoenix reborn, beacon of light, song of the temptress and exterminator, and any other base game exotic that drop very commonly in open world like Eir's Longbow, none of the HoT or PoF tradable exotic weapons such as mordrem sabre ever drops from raid as far as i'm aware, and maybe the precursor is also being excluded from loot table? anyone ever had a drop that is very unique like anton's boot blade or precursor from raid perhaps?

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