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Mass Invisibility is still 10 Target


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7 hours ago, FreshF.5793 said:

Since all skills and traits should be reduced to 5 Targets instead of 10, the Mesmer Elite "Mass Invisibility" (https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mass_Invisibility) is still a 10 Target skill.

It should be changed to 5 Targets regarding the new design-format of skills. Maybe Anet forgot about it.

Shhh... Din't your mom tell you nobody likes snitches?

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14 hours ago, Levetty.1279 said:

Don't worry, it will be changed to single target on Tuesday.

yes but anet will graciously remove our best dps trait, and replace it with a trait that makes mass invis 5target skill, to put us in line with other classes ofc.
also buff virtuoso bleeding, thats the thing we need

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Patch notes:

  • Mass Inivisibility has been reduced to 5 targets. To compensate for this change, it has been renamed to Black Powder But Worse and had its cooldown increased to 180 seconds.



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this forum and its dumb auto formatting
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