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Checked my DPS and... I wasn't too happy about it

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So I came back again after a year long break and I was hyped about EoD so I purchased the expansion, but I couldn't really decide on what spec to play so I went with Scourge.
I did kinda okay in open world content but then I tried a more group oriented build and tried it out in some groups and I didn't really feel like I'm doing great.
So I went to the golems added all buffs and destroyed it while doing like 11k DPS.

So my question is not how to improve this, but maybe what specs would be for me?
I really like the idea of playing Condi so I'm looking for something which is easy and condi. 😄

I'm doing open world really often so it'd be a priority to be able to switch between open world and fractal playstyles. Maybe just switching some traits or something like that.
I have the following characters at level 80

  • Necro
  • Ranger ( I don't want to play this honestly)
  • Thief
  • Mesmer
  • Revenant
  • Guardian ( I don't want to play this either)

I don't want to play these two classes because I don't really like the class fantasy in them so I'd try the others.
Maybe some of the new specializations are viable and easy for Condi play?
Thanks in advance!

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27 minutes ago, Tyrick.9805 said:

Yea this website is awesome.

Too bad there is no "beginner" guide for mesmers.
The other beginner guides are really awesome and I'd like to try out Virtuoso.
But maybe they will update it soon. 🙂

4 button condi virtuoso

axe mirage guide

"AFK mirage"


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