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Make some meta great again !

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Hello all.


I would like to suggest or know your opinion about some meta.


I would like to talk about two meta specially and improve them to let the orginal mechanic coming back.
The first one is DBS (Death Brander Shatterer).

If you do still this meta (who is almost complety useless until "trying to get the infusion"), you have probably see now a lot of people stacking at the boss with almost nobody (or just a few one(maybe a little more recently)) killing the champion when they spawn The original mechanic was to make damage to Shatterer, killing the champion was a priority when they spawn because they regenerate the health of Shatterer. Even if it's a lot of month now that some are doing that, the stupid thing that we see almost every time is people staying with sometimes/often the commander trying to dps shatterer even with almost all champion alive. (at least a few champion must be killed to hoping making damage while he is regenerate his health). And the worst, they can fail to break his cc bar making them "waiting" and losing time. And with all of the champions, it's almost impossible to dps him (i never see it succes with all champion spawn.)

My suggestion, the regeneration should be higher to make impossible to dps shatterer even with one champion. Or while the champion are spawn, making invicible shatterer could be a solution too.


Next one : Claw of jormag.


Same here, in the original mechanic at the last phase, we needed to protect the golem to make them stun the claw and damage him. But now, we see always people stacking at him and dps him. But it's take so muuch more time than dps him, than protecting the golem to dps the claw AFTER. Most of time, people are rezzing other people than damage him.
My suggestion : Increasing damage of the claw at the point to make impossible a squad to stacking and dps him while 5 min and more  because of the damages until he is stun by the golem.


Oh and please, make an instance for drakkar. Even if this event is boring for a lot of people, the afk people making him again more boring and longer because of that.

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