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[NA][TEC] Tyrian Expedition Club; Fresh New Guild Recruiting!


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Hey Tyrians!!! 

At Tyrians Expedition Club [TEC], our goal is to explore the vast open world of Tyria. To explore and seek out adventures and riches that it has to hide. Nothing better than setting off on an adventure with a buddy by your side. So, whether you’re a vet or a newbie, why not join this small guild who has big goals in adventuring the world of Tyria!

As the introduction says, TEC is a very small guild. As the guild grows we’re looking to do: 

  • *Community events

*Fun guild mini games


At our core, we’re a very casual, warm, laid back guild that prefers to explore Tyria, over doing high end game content. Why not have fun exploring or failing to do jumping puzzles with us 😂🤣. Whether you’re new or a vet, you’re welcome to join us, as we put on our adventure boots and trek around Tyria. 

If you’re interested then send a mail, or whisper to Rikka.1059 

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