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Summoned Pets Including Mistfire Wolf Do Not Use Their Skills When Untamed Is Selected.

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Today I purchased the Digital Deluxe Upgrade from the gem store only to find out afterwards that summoned pets are locked out from using their skills while Untamed is selected.


It seems that whatever code grants the player manual control over their ranger pets is also applied to summoned pets. This means that Summon D-Series Golem and Summon 7-Series Golem will not use their Shield Bubble, or Gatling Fists and the Mistfire Wolf will only use its Leap attack while Untamed is selected as an elite spec.


After purchasing I quickly discovered this bug and tried to have my purchase refunded, but support informed me that since the Mistfire Wolf skill cannot be removed from an account that they cannot offer me a refund.


While I know that these skills affect nearly none of the player base, this is a public service announcement so that hopefully no one else will waste 2000 gems (25$) on a product that is bugged and does not function correctly with the new expansion content.

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