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Falling Vindicator Open World Build


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I call this the Falling Vindicator because death drop is hilarious, but I don't think it's anything new or special. It's open world fun, and can clear most other content easily, though as with any open world build, taking it into high level fracs or raids is a no no.

Here is a video showcasing how fun the build can be


Here is the build :



I went full celestial, but that is because I am indecisive, really you can go whatever stats and runes you want. Long as you have stamina and energy sigils you will be set.


For weapons I went double greatsword, but again, can go any weapons you want tbh.


A neat little interaction I have found is the spinning hammers with death drop and dance of death.

Death drop applies 10 vuln, which means 10 stacks of battle scars, which all get pretty much instantly used up as your hammers swirl, it is great sustain.

There is also of course twilight, which hits multiple times as well, so using that after a death drop always feels heavy and good.


Have fun, hope you all enjoy!


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I've been doing something similar, but went marauder, GS/GS, energy/force, with eagle(precision/ferocity/10% strike damage after 50%), alliance/jalis, or alliance/shiro in meta stuff. There is a small bit of downtime after my 4th dive, but nothing using a few GS abilities won't take care of. Keeping up fury with burst give almost 100% crit (98.56) and 212% crit damage (which could be better with berserker gear). 

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   Did play a similar build in PvE first with Diviner + Zerk stats to extend the boon durations and using Shiro + Jalis, and then tried full zerk with Shiro + The Alliance.

   What I found farming alone hero points in HoT was that power Herald in full zerk had both better sustain and dealt more dps, just because a dead Vindicator does 0 damage. Renegade was even better.

   I don't known; currently I'm experimenting with Willbender variants in trailblazer and celestial mixups, and albeit not as tanky as condi Renegade (or power Herald) they do damage faster than Vindi at lower risk.

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Build looks similar to mine.  Though I use berserker/marauder gear, and for traits I use Thrill of Combat and Swift Termination.  Scholar Runes with Force/Stamina equipped.  It can have some trouble with certain champions, but against anything less the Death Drop spam will give you high damage while leaving you mostly invulnerable.  

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