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Did I waste my money on EoD

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Aesthetics are hit and miss. Love Seitung, would gladly get rid of jade tech, especially on the buildings. Seriously, glowing green on a traditional architecture is just wrong. 


I was doing achievement hunting couple of days ago and was actually pleasantly surprised by events. They were actually interesting and fun, provided they are not bugged. I'm talking about Seitung and Echovald events, not NKC - sorry, but Brotherhood ones were just boring. Also voice acting of idle NPCs remains top-notch, if that's your thing. 


Regarding meta... Yeah, DE needs a nerf, NKC is meh, I personally like Seitung and Echovald (only the junkyard bosses).


Turtle is okay for Drizzlewood farm, strikes are fun if you learn mechanics (but only three easy ones), jadebot is good for farming materials and gliding (but cores are for a character, not for whole account).

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14 hours ago, Hypnowulf.7403 said:

The big problem for ArenaNet is that they managed to alienate all groups who give them money, which is just such startling and dizzying incompetence that I don't know what to make of it.

The only group they really appealed to this time around was raiders, and they plan on having more required raids (and hardmode raids) as time goes on too. The problem is is that raiders convert gold to gems, so their cash store is going to dry up exactly the same way as it did after the release of HoTs, an expansion that almost bankrupted them.



I'm a player since day-one.  10.6k hours.  And yet...


...I haven't used a credit card to buy anything (other than the expansions) since probably 2013?  I don't even know how Anet makes money off me.  I've maybe spent $200 since 2012.  I don't like EoD, but I don't care about the money I spent.  $30 is lunch money to me.  Raiding and/or platform gaming, in general, has never appealed to me.  "Stand in circle 'A' and do 'X'. Then move to circle 'B' and do 'Y'.  Ad nauseum.  Rinse and repeat.


But the real question would seem to be, How many long hardcore, "Raiders" actually spend money in the game?  Most of them probably - like me - have thousands of gold (and ascended mats that can be converted to gold at any time) in the bank from just playing the game.


It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  How far down the path they go to Raid Nirvana.


I will say that the best thing about EoD is that, if I don't do it to completion, I'll miss exactly nothing. 

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Yes.  I feel the same way.  The DE meta needs to be nerfed into the ground before I will even think about playing the game regularly again.  If you don't like strikes or fishing there's literally nothing to do in the game after you unlock the masteries and do map completion.  It's not like you can jump into a DE meta and feel like you won't waste 2 hours of your time.  And the rewards for ALL of the EOD metas are poor.

The new thief elite isn't even functional with action camera enabled (you get constant 'no target' messages on certain skills) and the target switching between allies and enemies is painful.  Just make the skills AOE.  The rest of the elites are just plain bad (Untamed) or feel incomplete (most of the others).

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