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Where is our compensation for the resitance nerf?

Grand Marshal.4098

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I feel for you warrior mains.

Now not even Spellbreaker, which was just about the best of the lot, is safe.

Just aswell I only have 1 warrior... Spellbreaker, and, because it's my GW1 original warrior named character.


Seriously... Warriors have now gone past rock bottom 2 levels, and counting...

How deep is the earth's crust?

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I'm pretty sure they remembered warrior existed only recently, probably because they had to make the new spec. And even for it they went "what if we made axe/shield core, but MORE". So you can't really expect for them to go over changes they have done and actually review the full impact the change had.

And besides, why would they. Warrior players already have to work harder for less in competitive, 1 more slap in the face is neither new nor unexpected.

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