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Spectre Targeting is a mess and needs to be reworked.

Boogiepop Void.6473

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It's very hard to target. I am constantly shifting targets by mistake, from enemy to ally to different enemy to different ally. The targeting system is simply not good enough to allow for targeting  what I want, when I want, as fast as i want to do so, especially in large events with lots of enemies and allies. And especially on Action Cam, where it's basically impossible to pick accurately at all.

Enemies you have to constantly relock, like Drakkar, are a huge issue, as are any events with lots of enemy ads, like Gerent. Getting on enemy target to CC in a good amount of time to help break is especially difficult.

For ally targeting, it's very hard to get a lock on whom you mean to, which is a big problem since you effect 1 ally at a time. Even in small groups like DRMs or Raids, you will often not be able to get on the right ally in time to do any good, and the time you spend trying can even screw up timed content and let enrage happen.

The targeting here is simply not functional with the way GW2 currently works. The Spectre needs to work more like the druid, targeting enemies and the area around them for the ally help. Precise single target shifting is simply not doable reliably or quickly. Constant, precise target shifting is not something the current game is set up to handle.

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  • Boogiepop Void.6473 changed the title to Spectre Targeting is a mess and needs to be reworked.

It's rather striking that the main way people use Rot Wallow Venom in practice (in PvE) is to trigger big area bursts of barrier with abilities like Consume Shadows instead of trying to single out people for buffing/healing.

When you had the Scepter/Pistol beam able to give multi-target Quickness (clumsily), there was a reason to fiddle with the ally-targeting mechanics, but right now the consensus seems to be it's just not worth trying to do any ally-targeted stuff outside of playing support in SPvP. (The only game mode where people don't clump up constantly.)

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It's targeting though, is there a better targeting system with other professions? Left mouse targeting seems fine except Action Camera feels like the pointer is a little offset from what I think is the edge of a hit box and I feel like I have to aim just a little high and either to the left or right.

Maybe while having a Scepter equipped, whatever is registered as being targetable on mouse rollover could have a friendly Specter Blue highlighted border or red for enemies, and the character themselves can show through the crowd at like 25% opacity or something so you can see who you'd be targeting and who the game says is under your pointer. 

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I agree it's bad and should be reworked. 

But also I don't want them to because a lot of reworks are like a monkey's paw sometimes. As soon as they come up with a change that they say is better we'll see sword 2 cost 7 initiative, the healing taken off Traversing Dusk, and consume shadows brought down to 25% or less. I'm happy with where the heal build is right now even though it doesn't work as advertised. 

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1 hour ago, Xaraphina.8901 said:

Would like to see them add F3 to toggle between enemy/ally so people who don't want to fool with the crap don't have to and people who do have some kind of consistent way to tab through what they want.

That already exists.


The one bad thing about it is there's no indicator (in text &c.) of which one you've set.



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