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Returning player, looking for some advice on support classes in spvp


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I haven't played in a while, but I feel like giving it a go again. I was looking for a class/elite spec suggestion for playing support. I figure it'll give me time to look at the other classes/specs that are doing damage and get an idea for what looks appealing to me if I want to go down the damage route. I'm guessing Guardian is the class, but any particular elite spec especially since there's new ones with the latest xpac? Since I'm getting back into it and never really spent tons of time in spvp, I figured supporting my team would initially be more valuable while I re-learn things and the other classes. Furthermore, regarding builds, are there any particular sites that anyone would recommend as decent starting points? My goal would be to take a decent build, and then adjust it after a while based on my personal needs/play style, but I just need something to kick start me. Thanks!

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Just ask people in games for builds right now the Meta is changing every other week because of the new expansion so the builds on those sites may not be good enough to help. However, the older specs won't be touched as hard. I would start with those if you wanted something that won't change and wait awhile to touch the new specs unless you want to have fun. Regarding support in PvP i would suggest playing dps because your team might not be able to do enough damage and since it is random people on your team you never know who you will get. Some easy dps classes would be Dragon Hunter, Core Necro, One shot Soul Beast, Dead Eye. More difficult ones include Power Herald and thief. Don't Rely on your team in by playing a support you will get frustrated. 

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