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3 hours ago, Legend of Rogue.5394 said:

Why is it pointless to play condi? Just curious? Cause I also see its useless to play melee in big zergs

because we run a billion of counterplay on it. on scourge, on firebrand we have those and then there's scrappers are hardcounter. rather than playing a random warrior, we can put now a 2nd scrapper, or a tempest in, if anyone should even think about more condis.


but usually condis are just not doing anything. there are not condiblobs that are able to do coordinated bombs, admittedly, so its hard to say. only the bad groups even use any condips and those either start running at sight and wipe or ... yeah not run and wipe. if they are lucky, they kill 1-2 people... and pay with 50 bags for it. shall be.


@FrownyClown.8402 name's program? the meta hasn't changed at all. spellbreaker got kicked out of it, that's it.

the booncounter #1 are well played scourges. the effectiveness difference varies there up to like 600% between the first few scourges and the slacking or inexperienced ones

then there's chronomancers, who cannot corrupt but have a unlimited strip on shield5.. and can tech way more in. u see them in some situation on good striprates, but mesmer can do a lot of utility. depends what the tag needs.

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12 minutes ago, FrownyClown.8402 said:

Sounds like people actually need to think how to counter boons now. There are still a ton of boon removal options available on mesmer, scourge and spellbreaker. Sigil of absorbtion is strong if your whole group runs it. 

Wish I could say the same for people that just constantly vomit boons out even after removing a set of them.  I like how Spellbreaker is supposed to be a boon hate spec, but it's entire baked in function on removing boons is countered by having stability, added with CC skills doing no damage, you're basically just hard countered by stability. Absorption procs on interrupts so unless you're a class that can convert boons into conditions, as such like Stability into fear, you won't be proccing it as often as you might think. 

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4 hours ago, Coldtart.4785 said:

I don't bring ele to organised groups at all because despite what people who spend more time looking at arc than the game might think, staff weaver is completely useless. Even if it was useful it would be as a one skill wonder just like warrior used to be before this patch. So I ask again: was it satisfying to play your class in a build that is only used for one skill and leaves you twiddling your thumbs for 90s at a time?

I seems like you don’t know how to play weaver.  It has tons of AOE skills which provide non-stop damage.  There’s no time to wait around for the meteor shower cooldown.  When you are outnumbered and losing fights the weaver can produce and finish downs on its own.  If you are steamrolling the enemy the meta classes are just more convenient to play since they support the boon ball, have more sustain, and quicker burst damage.

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I don’t get the change to Winds of Disenchantment.  I haven’t seen many warriors lately.  It was the only thing that made them viable in zergs.


The damage nerfs for Dragon Hunters and Heralds won’t change anything but they didn’t seem necessary either.

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7 hours ago, Coldtart.4785 said:

 So I ask again: was it satisfying to play your class in a build that is only used for one skill and leaves you twiddling your thumbs for 90s at a time?


You're missing my point. What I'm saying is that warrior wasn't actually any more viable before this patch than after it, there was just this one game breaking skill only warriors could use. If you're a warrior main you weren't really playing warrior, you were just playing a bubble placer.

Not all of us feel the need to flex with complex rotations. Being a survivable heavy melee with basically one job (placing that bubble) was fine for me. It felt good to have a not-exactly-complicated role that was actually useful to the group and being able to just focus on the melee movement the rest of the time.

I'm not going to comment much on the greater picture, though I personally fail to see how, apparently, boons were underpowered, but on a personal level, I totally lament losing out my comfort zone of a wvw role, as one-skill as it might have been.

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No point in running support spellbreaker in zerg now. A zerg with 4 strip chronos will def. outperform a zerg with 4 support spellbreakers, both in strips and in cc. And the cleanse that warrior brings, even with automatic shake it off and trooper runes, is not worth it because scrapper.  Maybe warhorn 4+for great justice is good for rev range spike but that's it, and it doesn't make it worth to have warriors in squad.

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I'm honestly stunned at the WoD nerf. 😢

I'm a warrior main in WvW. I love berserker the most but can't always play it when my zerg doesn't have the support for me, so I often switch to SB instead just for the winds -- my one useful skill.
I don't know what to do now.

I don't even want to log into WvW anymore. 

~Flaxi Everafter of Yak's Bend


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